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What is the correct target? How can you determine it? What is subconscious? How effective is it? How can we use it to determine a target?

How can we determine what we can do better? How do we believe in ourselves on the way to the target? How can we lock the target? How can we convince our brain that we can reach the target?


How do we study for what course? How to concentrate and ensure continued concentration in lessons? What are the techniques to repeat the studied subjects in mind? How to prepare the most effective study program? How to cope with homework phobia? What are the methods to eliminate prejudices like “I cannot do it”, “I cannot succeed”?

How long should studying periods be and what are the methods to effectively use this time?


When we look at commonalities of successful people, we are confronted with an amazing truth. This truth is effective and lasting relationships. These relationships are only possible with effective communication. If you look carefully at people who have good and lasting relationships you can observe that they are using perfect communication methods.

Perfect communication is a matter of fact of education, and this is your choice. What does it meant if somebody says that positive energy is spreading, our stars are reconciled?

How do we fall into unfair situations even though we were right? How do we begin to communicate in a new environment?

Is it more important to understand? Or to be understood?

If you want to say yes, how exactly to you do it?


If you are asking yourself how to avoid misunderstandings like “I didn’t mean that!”, if you think “I cannot fully understand the people”, if you say “I cannot fully express my thoughts, believes, feelings”, “why don’t I have the same good and close relations with friends, the way it used to be?”,

If you are asking yourself “how can I motive the people”, “How can I trigger the people around me to do something?”, if you are saying “I want to motivate my family and colleagues in some subjects. How can I do that? Because sometimes I want to motive them but end up breaking their hearts”.

… if you want to learn how to realize the above mentioned and much more …


Any problems our children are confronted with or any mistakes they make, cannot only be attributed to them.

Most of time parents make many mistakes in forming their children, without being aware of it.

Children are not born knowing everything. Surely they need to use something or somebody as a model during the learning process.

That means our children are modeling everything that is right or wrong and may display a behavior that we may have difficulty to accept. Actually they get crushed under very easy programs because they don’t know how to cope with it.

Once the parents have catch up with the change and learn the correct communication a change in the children will be unavoidable.

If you are confronted with problems like slurred speech and stuttering, if problems surface like misuse or neglect (physical, sexual or emotional), if you are confronted with problems like hyperactivity, lack of concentration, fear, anxiety and avoidance, if you think that these problems are related to mental and emotional processes, if you wish to support the development and education of your children and have a better quality …